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Our goal is to organize all the information about Rochester in one place, so that everyone can find what they want, precisely when they need it.
Advertising and promotions are a considerable cost for small businesses. So, Rochestermn.Directory gives businesses an opportunity to make themselves more visible city-wide for free.

We take the trouble out of our online listings. Anyone can list their businesses, events, or vacancies on our site. It only takes minutes to get listed on the site. Once the business listing is live, Rochestermn.Directory makes it easier for businesses to reach their target audience.
You can find the business you like and favorite it in your app. Build a collection of your favorite places, events, and everything you like.

If you download the app for Rochestermn.Directory, you can chat with the vendor directly. You can save trips to a hundred vendors and find the one vendor that fits your needs and only visit them.
We have created a huge directory for all the local businesses, events, hangouts, jobs, and more in Rochester.

So, whether you are making a big life decision of switching jobs or a rather regular one like deciding a place for dinner, you can get it all in one place on

Rochestermn.Directory. We are not just making it easier for the users to find a business of their choice, we are also helping businesses go online and increase their reach.
We are a team of young professionals who are creative, innovative, and most important of all, raring to go. We are a part of the Novashock family.

Novashock is a small yet innovative design studio based in our home, Rochester. We are dedicated to bringing the local businesses to limelight by using the superpowers of creativity and design.

Rochestermn.Directory is an effort to make businesses and activities more visible to the residents of the awesome city of Rochester.
Rochestermn.Directory is making it easier for businesses to come online and for people to find the most relevant businesses for their needs. We give our patrons many more reasons to choose us.

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Rochestermn.Directory will be one of the most extensive directories about the beautiful city of Rochester. There is just so much to explore in our city after all.

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Owner & Event Architect

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Owner & Event Architect

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We Are Bringing The People of Rochester Together, One Listing at a Time.

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